Sunday, December 25

Portland Advertising Federation Advance

I currently serve on the Board of Directors for the Portland Advertising Federation and chair its Publications Committee. When I stepped into the position of Publications Editor, its e-newsletter, Advance, suffered from an erratic publication schedule, inconsistent editorial content, and general neglect. By creating submission guidelines, establishing a publication schedule, raising the bar for editorial quality and developing an offbeat, slightly irreverent editorial "voice", readership increased dramatically, and the Advance has taken its rightful place as the official mouthpiece of the Portland Advertising Federation.

Responsibilities include: Editor, writer, communications management. E-copies available upon request.

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Mountain Outdoor

Mountain Outdoor is a Web-based retailer that specializes in snowshoes and snowshoeing accessories. The company came to Joel's firm seeking to redevelop its brand, relaunch its website and add other Internet-based marketing strategies. They managed the redesign of the logo and retooled the website, adding various interactive features and finally put together a suite of Internet marketing tools aimed at gathering new leads and managing relationships with existing customers. Joel's part of all this included developing the creative brief, writing the new tagline "Go offline" and writing newsletter and Web copy.

Poor Richard's Restaurant

At Poor Richard's restaurant, not much has changed since they opened their doors in 1960. Even the original owner, Hal Hulbert, now in his 90s, shows up for work every day. Joel created these direct mail pieces to promote the eatery's famous "two-fer" dinner, while using artwork from the client's archives to draw attention to its colorful history.