Monday, December 26

Portland Roasting

Portland Roasting entered the industry at a time when the market was awash in local coffee companies. My job was to create humorous, yet sophisticated brand and ad messages that spoke to the company's target customers. Projects came to include print ads, Web copy, brochures, sales sheets and P.O.S., which included paper cup blurbs, table tents, shelf tags, banners, trade show signage and more. In addition, I developed the company's three-year-marketing plan, provided creative direction and art direction, and was instrumental in creating their brand.

I was also tasked to create a tagline that would speak to both consumers and cafe owners. I found that both groups in their target market are passionate - even fanatical - about good coffee. In fact, coffee consumption is often highly ritualized, half-jokingly compared to a quasi-transcendental experience in search of which many people drive far out of their way. Armed with this knowledge, I came up with about 20 taglines. The winner: Your search is over.

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