Monday, December 26

Three Star Fix Advertising

As co-founder of this brand-oriented ad agency, my first job was to develop the business name and tagline. Seafarers know that a three star fix describes the three stars that navigators sight on to get their bearings on the high seas. That image resonated with the firm's role as brand strategists who help business leaders get their bearings in the marketing world. From that, I saw them as The Brand Navigators, and voila! the tagline was created. It turned it to be a good name. Within a year Three Star Fix Advertising made Media Inc.'s top 100 list of advertising agencies in the Northwest.

Writing projects included business name, tagline, Web copy, self-promotional booklet, "The Fine Art of Commerce" (Co-author). In addition to writing and concept development, I co-creative directed the web design, in cooperation with my then-business partner, Steve Rawlinson.

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